Interreg IIIC - project part-financed by the European Union Forestry Commission Wales - Comisiwn Coedwigaeth Cymru

Robinwood Conferences

The Robinwood project organized various international conferences to promote its aims and provide information about the role and management of forests in Europe. These are detailed below. Click on the links for fuller reports and copies of the presentations at each conference.

Brandenburg 2005

Robinwood International Wood Energy Week was held in Brandenburg in 2005, comprising a ground-breaking week of cutting edge demonstrations, displays, lectures and workshops aimed at providing information about how modern wood fuel could cut the cost of heat by replacing expensive fossil fuels, solving energy problems and creating new jobs and wealth in rural areas.
Reports from the Brandenburg Conference

Eberswalde 2006

The Eberswalde Conference, January 2006, discussed the latest technologies in wood-energy from forests; new opportunities in agro-forestry; building cross-border links with European energy specialists; bio-energy development. Presentations given in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Slovak and German language.
Reports from the Eberswalde Conference

Murcia 2006

Presentations and reports from the conference held in Murcia, Spain in May 2006

Llandudno 2007

The international conference at Llandudno in February 2007 was hosted by Robinwood, Wales - the Forestry Commission Wales European project which aimed to show that forests can play an increasingly important role in the lives of millions of people.
Reports from the Llandudno Conference