Interreg IIIC - project part-financed by the European Union Forestry Commission Wales - Comisiwn Coedwigaeth Cymru


The hydrogeological equilibrium represents a critical element. Component 2 had the objective of improving this aspect, by gathering the partnersâ experiences together into a system of exploration and investigation, the acquisition of information and integration within the forest management. Activities were planned for the monitoring of the different territorial contexts and the realization of application models on the hydro-geological aspects, and comprised:

A report on the hydrogeological situation of the involved areas
A report on the regulatory and planning aspects and the ecological requirements of the hydrogeological systems
GIS Cartography

Subprojects carried out involved the development and experimentation of hydrogeological simulation data, based on the collected elements. These subprojects were of a one year duration, with a budget of 714,000 Euro, and involved 4 partners (Liguria, Brandenburg, Murcia and Wales). Click on the links below for full reports on the Hydrogeology project.

Report on context and ecological needs of hydrogeological ecosystems protected areas and sources of instability
Component 2 - Hydrogeology Survey on the hydro-geologic systems and their effects on forests
Component 2 - Hidrogeology SWOT Analysis
Robinwood Robinflood Report on the evaluation of large woody debris in watercourses
Robinwood Friartuc Report on the effects of tree configuration on rainfall patterns and soil hydrology