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Over the three years of the Robinwood project, news and media releases have been issued at key milestones focusing on the latest developments and the implementation of new technologies.

Reports from conferences, research work and team visits have appeared in national, regional and specialist media. These press releases are archived below, click on the link to view the full versions.

Showing the way forward for forestry in Europe Wales states its case

New age for rural Europe - Welsh forestry is showing the way (17.01.2007)
2007: Protecting Welsh forests from tiny forest invader
31.12.2007: Italians choose Welsh style for new modern visitor centre
Llandudno Conference(20-02-2007)

23.01.2006: UK energy survey - Wales could lead the way on renewables
02.02.2006: Wood for energy - Europe works together for a shared future
23.03.2006: Private woodlands - the new hope for rural Europe?
15.05.2006: Wales is pioneering 'spy in the sky' technology to tackle flood erosion
24.07.2006: Forestry in Europe - bringing new benefits to the Welsh economy
07.09.2006: Vive la difference! Europe loves its forests, but in lots of different ways
03.10.2006: Making wood fuel work - Welsh aim high and learn valuable lessons in Europe

15.02.2005: Welsh forestry 'first' leads the way on making the most of woodlands across Europe
15.02.2005: Welsh forestry team leads the way on making the most of woodlands across Europe
2005: Beth yw Robinwood (What is Robinwood), in Welsh
16.05.2005: Snapshot captures true state of Wales' fledgling wood fuel industry
13.06.2005: Wanted - forestry experts to help woodlands of Wales bring new jobs and money
005: Robinwood at the Royal Welsh
17.10.2005: Soaring oil prices give wood fuel a new edge
28.11.2005: Sharing knowledge - and making wood fuel happen in Wales
20.12.2005: Forests for the future - which way now for sustainable forests?

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