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Robinwood Newsletters

Robinwood Launch in Brussels
The Italian leaders of the Robinwood Project issued a series of newsletters giving news about the progress of the project, conferences, events in a series of regular updates.

These newsletters were part of the communication component which Italy was responsible for.

Click on the links below to view these newsletters.

Robinews 1, March 2006 (pdf) Contains Welcome to Robinwood; RW International Wood Energy Week; Opportunities and risks for agriculture: the climate change challenge; Robinwood steering committee at Genova, March 2006; International Conference on Hydrogeology and Forestry Management at Murcia, May 2006; Robinwood at the new Welsh assembly

Robinews 2, June 2006 (pdf) Contains International conference on hydro-geology and forest management in Murcia; Hydro-geologic plan, abandoning agricultural areas and erosion; RobinWood at Energethica, the first show on renewable and sustainable energy; European Commission adopts an EU Forest Action Plan; FAO supports biomass and sustainable energy as a fundamental source of energy to fight famine and poverty in the world

Robinews 3 (pdf)
Robinews 4 (pdf)
Robinews 5 (pdf)
Robinews 6 (pdf)