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Privacy policy

We record the following details about each visit to this website:

Date and time
IP address of your computer
The name of your server (e.g.
The pages downloaded

After we have combined this information, we use it to show patterns of use of the site to allow us to improve your experience in the future.

We will collect, use and disclose additional details than the above under the following circumstances:

attempts to gain access to unpublished pages
unauthorised attempts to change the site content
attempts to intercept messages sent by site users
defamatory communications, or those which cause us to believe that an offence has been or is about to be committed
attempts to break the security systems of the website or server

We reserve the right to disclose details to the relevant authorities if there is any suspicion that an offence has been committed.

Access to restricted areas
We may grant access to the restricted areas of the site to authorised users, who will be issued with a username and password. This may also include permission to edit the contents of the website. In this case we will record the name, address and e-mail of people with such access, and will record each attempt to log in to the system.

If you change the contents of the site we will record:

the type of change
full details of the change
date and time of the change
IP address of the user
name of the user

By requesting access to the restricted area of the site you agree that you will be responsible for any text or images that you put on the website, and that you will keep your user access details (password etc.) secret.

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