Interreg IIIC - project part-financed by the European Union Forestry Commission Wales - Comisiwn Coedwigaeth Cymru

Robinwood Research

l A major part of the work carried out by Robinwood involved building up cross border teams of researchers to look at a string of issues affecting the forestry sector across the different regions.

These teams of specialists worked together, utilising each others strengths, pulling together vital new information to help guide the development of the forest sector across Europe.

Organisations including the University of Bangor, Coed Cymru, Forest Research and others from the UK worked with their equivalents across the partner regions, creating working relationships which are continuing now.

Some examples of these research project reports can be viewed in full by clicking on the links below:

Making the most of local timber, 2007
Sustainable forest management and industrial development
The development of small scale wood pelleting equipment
Dendrovita Report:Revitalisation and extension of linear tree features to sustain wood supply and biodiversity, September 2007
Altman Report on Cost Benefit Analysis of Continuous Cover ForestryAltman report on Landscape Preferences and Continuous Cover Forestry
Opinion poll (SWOT analysis) - Liguria