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Robinwood, Eastern Slovakia

Area: 15,750 km2
Population: about 1,500,000

Eastern Slovakia is divided into two sub-regions: Prešov and Košice.
About 38% of its territory is covered in forests - one of the largest forest regions in Slovakia. The forest resources and bioenergy potential are quite good, and the hydrogeological condition is very favourable.

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The Republic of Slovakia is into eight independent regions, including Eastern Slovakia, which consists of two autonomous regions: the Autonomous Region of Prešov and the Autonomous Region of Košice.

The Prešov Region is the most densely populated of Slovakian regions, with 13 districts and 23 towns, Prešov is the third largest town of Slovakia.
The principal economic activities are linked to industrial manufacture, the building industry and marketing of industrial products.

The Autonomous Region of Košice makes up 14% of Slovakia, with over 766,000 inhabitants, 440 municipalities and 17 towns. More than one third of the population resides in the town of Košice.

About 38% of the territory of Eastern Slovakia is covered in beech, red fir and oak forests, a percentage that renders it one of the largest forest regions of Slovakia. The greatest part is represented by public-owned forests, while only a few are privately owned.

Timber production is 1,800,000 m3 timber per year, from a total forest resource of 100,000,000 m3. There is good bioenergy potential from forest biomasses and industrial processing waste. Hydrogeological conditions are good, due to the good state of preservation of the main water streams.