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Robinwood, Spain (Murcia)

In charge of Component: Hydrogeology
Area: 11,317 km2
Population: about 1,200,000

Since the eighteenth centure Murcia has carried out a hydrogeological program to help address natural risks and the demand for water. It also carries out important forest activities to solve the problems of ground erosion, caused by the arid climate of the region.

Contact person:Mr. Juan de Dios Cabezas
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The Autonomous Community of Murcia is in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula. With a land area of 11,317 km2, it covers 2.2% of the total Spanish territory. The population is about 1,200,000. It is an extremely diversified territory, from the mountain ranges of the south-east/north-east to valleys, great depressions and vast plains.

The climate is Mediterranean on the coast, and more continental in the inner uplands, mild in winter and very hot in summer. The yearly rainfall is about 300 mm, concentrated in spring and autumn. There are no constant water courses, while the "Ramblas" are torrential streams characteristic of this region. Excessive exploitation for agriculture and progressive salinization have impoverished, year after year important underground water resources.

Despite the dry conditions there is high biodiversity with over 2000 species of plants as well as of several habitats included in the EC Directive 92/43.45% of the land is forested, both public-owned and private, mainly made up of typical Mediterranean formations of evergreen trees and shrubs.

Because of agricultural exploitation, the abandonment of the territory and the climate, much of the land is threatened by desertification. Agriculture represents an important item in the economic activities of the region, well over the national average.

Murcia has great experience in the management and environmental recovery of the territory, of water streams, and in the management of underground water resources through the co-operation of various managing subjects.