Interreg IIIC - project part-financed by the European Union Forestry Commission Wales - Comisiwn Coedwigaeth Cymru


The fourth technical component of the Robinwood project looked at wood energy taken from localtimber - the use of timber and waste wood from the wood supply chain, as an alternative to fossil fuels to reduce the release of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

The use of this kind of timber for the production of Renewable Energy, represents an important "link" in the wood chain and in some regions is the starting point for sustainable development of mountain areas.

An initial investigation was carried out to identify possibilities for implementing an energy plan at local level based on biomasses:

analysis of the local resources available (wood, demand, infrastructures, etc.);

analysis and database of the socio-economic scenery (owners, undertakers, artisans);

catalogue of the technologies available for the combustion of biomasses;

analysis and written indication of the ratio between needs and quality of the wood fuel.

From the results of the sub-projects and the analysis the Brandenberg team has drawn up specifications and guidelines on the use of biomass in the context of the Integrated Forest Management. (click on link)